François Séguin

President, Owner

Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Physics
Masters of Applied Science, Engineering Physics
30 years Industrial R&D experience

  • Photonics design
  • Systems and integration
  • Packaging and reliability
  • Manufacturing equipment design

François Séguin has worked for 30 years in varied fields of industrial research at IRphotonics, ITF Optical Technologies, EG&G Optoelectronics and Canadian Marconi Company. Throughout his career, he tackled a wide variety of assignments in the telecom, military, industrial, medical and aerospace sectors. He led and contributed to product and technology development in the fields of integrated and guided wave optics, passive component packaging and reliability, optoelectronic systems, fiber sensors, fiber and semiconductor lasers as well as optical fiber manufacturing. Working for industry, he repeatedly carried out complete development cycles, bringing new ideas from the concept stage to qualification and transfer to production. He has authored several peer-reviewed and proceedings papers and holds or has applied for seven international patents. He holds a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Physics.

Closest ally

Allegiant 3D

Sander Boelen, President & Owner

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering,
20+ years industrial R&D experience

  • Mechanical engineering & designs Solidworks
  • Finite element analysis
  • High precision machining
  • Quick prototyping, small scale production

Sander Boelen is a mechanical engineering graduate from the Netherlands. He has 20 years of experience in R&D, Mechanical Engineering Design, Finite Element Analysis and manufacturing. While working for McGill University, MPB Technologies, PerkinElmer, Alfalight and ITF optical Technologies he gained hands-on expertise in designing and building instrumentation, process tooling, components and systems used in engineering laboratories, robotics, optics, fiber optics optoelectronics and electronics packaging. Sander has a knack for finding simple solutions to seemingly complex problems and has excellent 3D design and machining skills. Since he started his consulting business in 2005 he successfully delivered over 100 projects to the industry. Incrementally his company is turning into a state-of the art design engineering facility supported by Multi-axis machining and turning centres and well trained technicians, providing quick turn-around solutions for highly demanding
technology customers.