Passive and active
component design

  • Waveguide structures, fiber, planar
  • Passive all-fiber and micro-optic components
  • Mechanically and thermally tuned devices
  • Bulk optics, UV to midIR
  • Optical material characterization

Lasers and
optical systems

  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • Fiber based systems/assemblies
  • Opto-electronic instrumentation

Test and

  • Test and measurement automation
  • Test system design, sourcing and integration, including Optics, jigging, electronic equipment and software development
  • R&R studies and calibration

Ray tracing, Gaussian
optics and waveguide

  • Zemax and tailored software solutions


Mechanical design

  • Solid modeling
  • Detailed drawing and sourcing
  • BOM generation
  • Configuration management with CAD vault

Machining and
rapid prototyping

  • High precision machining and rapid prototyping in aluminum, stainless, brass, OFHC copper, plastics, glass ceramics, kovar, invar, etc.
  • Two vertical CNC milling centers with high speed spindle capability (50krpm)
  • Twin spindle 6-axis turning center with active tooling
  • 3D printing of plastic composites (Nylon, Onyx, fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber)
  • Microscope inspection and measurement capabilities
  • Plating, anodizing, painting

Finite element

  • Strain/stress
  • Thermal modeling
  • Computational flow dynamics

Packaging & reliability

Packaging and

  • Fiber components (tunable and passive) package design
  • Semiconductor laser package design
  • Micro-optics and pigtail designs, integration with lasers and detectors
  • Lensed fiber designs, fabrication stations and metrology
  • High reliability, hermetic fiber cable designs and processes
  • Thermal stress management
  • Fiber bundles and beam shaping optics, encaps & windows
  • Photonics module design, fiber management & assembly processes
  • Materials and processes: adhesives, solders, glasses, ceramics, plastics, alloys, composites, plating & vacuum coatings, reflows, curing, plasma
  • Hermetic sealing, polymer seals and molecular sieve moisture/hydrogen management

Laser power

  • High power/LIDT components, packages & optical connector designs
  • Package atmosphere management
  • Advanced thermal management solutions
  • Stepped stress plans, embrittlement studies, failure analysis

Assembly stations

  • Accurate fiber and mirco-optic grippers
  • Vision & parametrically driven motorized actuation
  • UV cure & inductive/laser reflow
  • Contact sensors & reliable fiber management

Failure mode

  • SEM, AFM, cross sectional analysis
  • Hermeticity issues, fine leak testing, internal vapor analysis
  • Fiber fractography analysis
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Customer interface, liability estimates, corrective action plans


  • Proof test levels vs. load profile
  • Stress corrosion factor measurements
  • Hermeticity qualification and controls
  • High power level screening methods
  • Burn-in designs
  • Sampling methodology


  • Low FIT (0.1FIT) designs, analysis and test plans for critical deployments
  • Failure data analysis and plotting – Log-Normal, Weibull, etc.
  • Strength–stress interference
  • Fiber integrity and reliability predictions based on the power law model
  • Reliability test plans and qualification
  • MTBF predictions
  • Product maintenance through reliability estimates and failure mode analysis

Software & system integration


  • Labview object oriented programming
  • Instrument interface and controls
  • User friendly GUIs
  • Large library of VIs for common instruments and actuators

System integration

  • System integration capability for prototyping
  • System mechanical assembly
  • Splicing and fiber management
  • Optical subsystem alignment/bore sighting
  • Integration with electronics, sensors and actuators
  • Software integration
  • Performance calibration